Emergency Christmas Gift Ideas

Here's the thing. If you are reading this because you are in the "holy crap I forgot about Uncle Eddie, who takes care of his sister. What should I get him" category...ha, I totally got you covered. GIFT CARDS!!! Yup, the be all to end all gift idea for any doddler. What's even better is... Continue Reading →

10 Steps to Accommodate Illness and Disabilities During Holidays

No, if and or buts. It sucks being sick on or around the holidays. From bummed out grumbles, to out-right fits of anger. Is there a way for them to still be worth celebrating? Or not? Well, I guess we could just give up and feel sorry for ourselves, or apologize to everyone around us... Continue Reading →

Disability VS Handicap: Can We Really Say Which is the Worst?

If there is one issue that irks me the most in regards to fragile households, it's the constant bickering of who is worse, more sick, or the least functional. It certainly is not a commonplace conversation occurring in the average home. Most families are not faced with those comparisons at all. However, within the community... Continue Reading →

Mending Mental Mayhem: Part Two-Emotional Delegation

It continues to amaze me how impactful a tired mind can be when managing a house full of chronically sick people. It is a marathon for the emotional structures within oneself and within the family. I also knew I needed to take a few steps back to gather some energy for what is ahead for... Continue Reading →

Update About Angels of Our October Blog

Hi Everyone. Wow, has it already been more than a month since the last posting, yikes. Did you miss me? Wait, don't answer that. I am going to pretend you did for my ego's sake. Dreamers must dream...ahhhh, soothing delusions. All better! I do miss all of you, immensely! But seriously, its been way too... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got Mad Skillz – Anger Regulation in Fragile Homes

There are many ways to describe people who have amazing and sometimes uncanny abilities. Typically we all know one person who has some variety of oddball talent that is completely useless, yet privately we are jealous. My father, David Juers, has become a very good photographer in retirement and it's stunning to see his creative eye... Continue Reading →

Mending Mental Mayhem – Abuse and Disability (Part-One)

I have long been a believer that our mind is the most important part of our health. In some ways, the brain is a slave to our mind. That may seem like a stretch, but when the brain is functioning, and commanding legs walk, hands move, eyes turn left, one would assume all is well... Continue Reading →

Is Your Medicare Plan Dis-Advantaged?

  A medically fragile home has few issues more compelling than how to cover medical costs. Being income restricted, and mobility strained, getting the right information to make decisions is essential. Functioning in my disabled state means doing things as efficiently as possible.  Keeping long-term goals of health in mind, I look to utilize as... Continue Reading →

Diagnoising Your Doctor’s Office

How to Diagnosis Your Doctor and Medical Office When it comes to figuring out where to go for medical care, nothing is more difficult to gauge then if you have the right doctor for, you. From bedside manners, to ease in contacting your doctor's nurse, there are varied indicators to what level of care you can... Continue Reading →

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