Medically Fragile Households is a term I use to describe homes and families where every member within has significant disease, disability or physical handicap. 

My professional background is medical both profit and not for profit areas, children’s grant administration and many years of interacting directly with physicians, hospital administrators, and community agencies. 

I am disabled with a spinal cord injury. I have two disabled children suffering complex medical and mental health disease along with physical handicap.  That status provides extensive interactions as a patient, and caregiving parent and managing a home where the urgent needs of one compete with the urgent needs of another.  

For most of us, explaining those complicated circumstances are difficult and frustrating, especially when under duress. The absence of information and awareness can inadvertently block the path to rescue.

I’m dedicated to helping identify the unique needs found in Medically Fragile households. actively partner with individual families, community agencies, medical providers and non-profit groups to build a better foundation for real long-term solutions.

Angels of Our October blog is also here to embrace fellow families who want to connect, be supported and find ways to cope and thrive even during an ongoing crisis. This is a safe space to share your experiences, creativeness, and inspirations with others.

Don’t hesitate to say hi at info@AngelsofOurOctober.com. 

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