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Angels of Our October


All efforts relating to Angels of Our October blog have been inspired by the trauma and tragedy my children and I survived. Ignited by the knowledge faithfully gifted to us through our hardships and challenges we experienced in the past and often face today. Trauma and illness impact life on many levels, spiritually, emotionally and in overall resources. This blog is in honor of all those facing a life with cards stacked against them.

The name, “Angels of Our October”, reflects the significant events that occurred in and around the month of October. We both recognize and celebrate it as a month of importance, and choose to honor the role it has played in altering our paths.

Hoping that through the inspiration to help it may also help to Inspire others. To uplift through sharing the challenges of medically fragile households. To assist families in both navigating and explaining their individual crisis to others and obtain their needs layered within. My hope is to facilitate measures of relief that can allow success even while still in the crisis itself.

Creating awareness and redefining to others what is urgent to and in families like mine, has the power to unshackle and unlock brighter, more victorious outcomes. 


Opening the sometimes raw day-to-day details that impact my home to strangers can be uncomfortable. Awareness requires education, and education requires a teacher with the right knowledge to share. Some may never deem me a teacher, but I do know how to share.

We and many families just like mine are exhausted, overwhelmed and feel abandoned much of the time. What each family inherits along with their crisis is shockingly similar while also being as unique as the snowflakes falling from the sky. Finding a way to voice complex feelings, while being sick and caring for others is a task larger than any one person.

There just are not enough voices representing disabled homes. Our entire demographic gets overlooked and mislabeled. Questioning whether a family can manage their circumstances is often the first reactive step outsiders make in refusing, delaying or conditionalizing measures to openly help. Why bother to offer financial, emotional or personal time if it’s perceived as a lost cause. The old saying, “no one likes a loser”, is abused, even when no losers exist. In my beliefs, no one is worthless.

Child in hospital bed holding pillow.

The jeopardy of losing the meager things we have in our lives can be compounded by the bias and fault finding of others.  It is not an uncommon stress to feel as if the next call would be the one forcing a disabled household to a shelter in order to retain any level of healthcare. It is not always a sudden loss of income that forces a family into homelessness, but the mental health decline that eats away at the functionality of household members. The stress and strain created by the inability to decompress create a type of burnout only other disabled households can relate too. Especially if continual, unrelenting medical fragility demands resources that often have already been depleted.

Absorbing those tolls, families can wake up finding themselves needing to live in someone’s basement floor, renting a singular room to squeeze into or bouncing from location to location. The unforeseen is a great equalizer of mankind. I cherish the trustworthiness of families who have endured incredible, chronically experienced hardship, regardless of nature. The beauty of the honesty those circumstances create is priceless and pure and without the need to question nor suspect. 

Blog posts on this site come from the lessons I have learned, things I’ve seen, and thoughts that creep up at one o’clock am and will not shut up.  Along with that are the stories families choose to share, submissions from medical providers who support this blog, and fellow organizations dedicated to assisting suffering disabled households, and hopefully people just like you, who find this site.

This is a new Mom Blog undertaking, things will not always be perfect. But the blog is purposed to help bring exposure to needs, educate others and hopefully, be a launching point for people to support one another. If you find yourself reading and saying, “wow, I totally get what she means. We are hurting too…” or…”I want to understand  how to …” Then welcome home, pull up a comfy pillow and blanket. Feel free to share your stories in comments sections. Read some inspirational, informational stories, marvel at submitted photos, drawings and more or just observe the growth and victory families Angels of Our October blog celebrate. Encouragement will find a place here.

Got some ideas of your own? Have some questions? Wondering if I have a great cookie recipe? Or feel determined to point out every typo and misspelled word? Drop a line anytime with the contact form below.


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