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Hello, and Welcome,

My name is Pamela Juers, born and raised in New England Maine. The adopted daughter of an awesome Dad, David Juers and incredible now departed Mom, Andrea.

Childhood life was hard, being of mixed nationalities, 17 to be exact, made me a target of abuse. The transition to adulthood took me through valleys of danger, violent marriage, a permanent disabling spinal cord injury, raising very ill children and landing me where I am today. Which now fuel my passions in life.

For me, that is using my writing to help others, especially those suffering from disabilities or managing a household of medically fragile members. I have learned and developed personal practices that organically advocate our needs while also educating those around me. Plain and simple, I just hate to see people in pain.

I can relate to the panic of managing a home where the urgent needs of one compete with the urgent needs of another. Explaining those complicated circumstances is difficult and frustrating when others lack information and awareness. Sadly those deficits often inadvertently block the path to rescue.

I designed this blog site to facilitate peer-directed education, awareness, and advocation. There is nothing like the comforting support of someone who knows your pain personally. I also actively guide willing community providers who want to know how to better serve households like mine and educate their staff.

Don’t hesitate to say hi at info@AngelsofOurOctober.com. 


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