Emergency Christmas Gift Ideas

Here’s the thing. If you are reading this because you are in the “holy crap I forgot about Uncle Eddie, who takes care of his sister. What should I get him” category…ha, I totally got you covered.

GIFT CARDS!!! Yup, the be all to end all gift idea for any doddler. What’s even better is the eGift Card delivered directly to your recipient’s email. Best of all, this is a totally acceptable and at times preferred gift in comparison to those supposed non-skid socks Sally with the bad hip may need. (AH really, she needs these, Go get every color right now, and make sure there are enough sticky do hickey things on the bottom, and fluffy!)

Ok, so now that confession time is over. Just realize this, the person in need, loved one, caregiver, and etc will appreciate the freedom to choose. One of the biggest problems I encounter at any gift giving time is a loving family who worked hard to give a gift to my disabled sons, that they could never use due to their illness or disability. It happens every year and someone always forgets to give a gift in the first place or bombs and we don’t have the heart to tell them so. Add to that, I frequently forget myself, most caregivers do as well. We are guilty of overlooking our own needs. How terrible.

Gift Cards are not lazy, even when feeling so. If it bothers you that much, add an extra $10 to the amount. You may luck up on a great gift that is 50% off and stretch that original 10 bucks to twenty, but the same may not go for Gift Cards. I completely understand the thinking of saving some dollars. Splurge on them anyway.

Obviously, people vary and you may have a friend or family member who hates the idea of gift cards. In that case, you know them best. But this is an emergency and you need that gift buying credit desperately, so splurge a little bit more and I promise that guilt and fear of hurting someone’s feelings will melt away once you hear or see how happy they are.

On a side note. For those who are truly out of the computer era and would not know how to use an eGift Card. You can take your computer or tablet over and scroll through some ideas to spend it on with Aunt Effie at the rest home. Your visit will mean perhaps more than the gift. If they are far away, use the screen share option in Skype or Facetime and do the same. Many of the elderly are familiar with Home Shopping Network and QVC. So as long as they can see an image, they can make some personalized choices.

There you go, my lovely holiday procrastinators. Make sure to uplift your medically fragile households, the members within and especially those in the caregiving roles for them.

You can find some other quick ideas down below and remember, eGift Cards and traditional Gift Cards are acceptable. There is no need to waste time feeling guilty or lazy, even if that happens to be true.

Still feeling down, well I got you covered there too. This is one of my favorite feel-good videos when I have waited too long to do something. Like this blog article. Happy Last Minute Shopping!!!!

Music to soothe the PROCRASTINATOR

Author- Pamela Juers

TOP TEN Caregiver Wishlist & Quick Guide Gift Ideas

  • Home Delivered Meals (Prepared and Prepped)
  • House Cleaning Service
  • Laundry Service
  • Home Grocery Delivery
  • Yard/Landscaping Service (cover one week-a month)
  • Extra Hands- Personal Care Services, CNA, Home Health
  • Personal Massage Certificate (make sure to help them have time to go)
  • Care Package for the caretaker (lotion, body wash, soft fuzzy socks, soft bathrobe, lip balm, favorite snacks, nature sounds CD, aromatherapy oils, plush bath towels & cloth just for them, etc)
  • Run Errands for them
  • Clothing gift cards

Places to start:

Did you find something helpful here? Tell us all about it or leave your wishlist in the comments below. We promise to share it so others who want to support you know!

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