Conquer the Burnout of Illness Related Tasks- 10 Helpful Starter Tips and Tools

I love to find collective lists that give me good ideas of how to conquer something in my life. Especially since I'm that lady who is griping at her kids about moving her glasses without permission annoyed everyone is laughing. Until that is, I go to hold my head in frustration and feel all three... Continue Reading →

Mending Mental Mayhem: Part Two-Emotional Delegation

It continues to amaze me how impactful a tired mind can be when managing a house full of chronically sick people. It is a marathon for the emotional structures within oneself and within the family. I also knew I needed to take a few steps back to gather some energy for what is ahead for... Continue Reading →

Update About Angels of Our October Blog

Hi Everyone. Wow, has it already been more than a month since the last posting, yikes. Did you miss me? Wait, don't answer that. I am going to pretend you did for my ego's sake. Dreamers must dream...ahhhh, soothing delusions. All better! I do miss all of you, immensely! But seriously, its been way too... Continue Reading →

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