Fluffy Paws offer Quick Fixes

I love dogs. Fluffy ones, scruffy ones, little ones, big ones and the ugly ones no one wants to admit are theirs, out at the dog park. I favor the larger breeds, Zane likes them smaller and John wants one that will mow you over when happy and constantly wants to cuddle, even if it no longer fits on your lap.

Dogs are perfect companions, champions of joy to bummed and sad patients, and a reminder of home to parents like me need when I have forgotten what the air smells like outside of hospital walls. You really do lose those more natural connections and landmarks of life.

Recently I forced myself to stop counting the number of days we have spent in the hospital together. It just felt so negative and overwhelming to look at, in that manner. As much as I try, something always forces me back into the number game. I struggle so much, to find positive distractions and means to encourage my children, and myself honestly. I confess, I am weary and have been coming up short on things to look forward too. So many overwhelming financial emergencies, generated from medical crisis I cant control. Finding the silver lining is no easy task when a nurse nearly punctures your child’s lung poking in the wrong area because a port migrated, and your eyes are bleeding from rampant iritis irritated by stress-induced hypertension.

But I love dogs. I love brown ones, and black ones spotted ones and striped ones. Any and every type of coat is great. I admit the curly coats are my favorite, but I am a sucker for the silky soft puff balls that make you regret having black on. The boys love the wiggly waggling dogs who seem happy about anything and everything in life. Dogs are cool. Indeed, they are the original magicians of cheer.

I just had to drop a quick blog note, and share a few pictures of the fluff ball named Cloe, who utterly caused the most joyous giggle and laugh my 14-year-old has ever had to memory. Sorry, the pictures are a blur, but it happened so fast, and my phone is not that smart. Hope these make you smile as big and goofy as I did when it happened and every time I look at these. Therapy dogs are the best! Thanks, Cloe, you rule!

Please consider supporting our cause and be a Medical Angel for our recovery. Progress has stalled and new hurdles have risen. Your help is needed and we can’t do it without you. Thanks for reading, and give a dog a big hug today. Dogs are pretty cool.

Picture of mother and son in hospital room.
Okay so sometimes you have to force a smile. Push forward is all you can do. Pamela and John in hospital Oct 2017.




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