When Enforcement Goes Right

Being sick is no fun. If you’re a kid it’s boring too. My boys have missed years of summer camp fun and do not know what it is like to be invited to a friends birthday party. In fact, they have no childhood friends to speak of. Not because they are outcasts or too awkward to fit in. When given opportunity they laugh and joke pretty seamlessly. However, when you can’t go to school and are homebound, spend 4 months out of the year in a hospital, you have to avoid bright lights, loud noise, vibrations, heavy smells and heat just to start, keeping up friendships becomes nearly impossible. Going out to do regular things slip away. Regular mundane things are like little-hidden trip wires with migraine bombs. Even when in the hospital I have to cover all the windows with dark paper to block the sunlight. My point is, they don’t get many visitors, and smiles though abundant when we laugh and joke with each other, are rarely sourced from much else.

I could be numb at the thought except, -laughter is a gift, no matter the source. I teach John and Zane every day, sometimes a smile is enough. Hopefully, those smiles will come from a wider bigger source as time goes. I really do believe it. So when two rather sarcastically funny police offices stopped by to encourage the boys with some smile-inspiring kindness, my heart almost burst with joy. Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department train an elite group of officers to offer emotional support to children in need. You do not have to have an emergency going on for these community outreach officers to care about your kids. They do it because they love it. I needed it as much as they did, believe me. I was just about to the point of feeling invisible. No worries, I power through those but it would be dishonest to say I never have too.

Law Enforcement Outreach Image 2
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Dept cares about kids with chronic illness. Perhaps a future employment?

I want to thank CMPD for being the type of law enforcement needed today. My boys needed to smile and they delivered in a big way. Too much negativity

in the news and not enough stories of brave men like these, all four of them. So maybe my boys are missing on swimming lessons and county fairs, but they are not missing out on people who care.

I do hope for my own cheering squad. I have days my own medical conditions make my pom poms a bit too quiet for the boys. Most day, however, I am as noisy, and obnoxious as possible yelling how proud I am. Every good moment deserves a shout out, so here is the shout for the day. Thank you to the CMPD for being our Angels of October this month.

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Author – Pamela Juers

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