About Us

This site is designed for education, awareness, and advocation, for those caught in the challenges surrounding abuse recovery, medical fragility, incapacitation from mental illness and managing disabled households. Building a place to uplift others, fostering self-validation, and an engine to power healing, all connect in one urgent focus. You!

That demographic where complex multi-diagnosis exist are rarely identified in the manner necessary. Identifying and acknowledging those homes is critical. It’s important to understand the unique family dynamic in which the urgent needs of one is in a conflict of the urgent needs of another.

Explaining those complicated circumstances to others is not only difficult but frustrating at times. Conversation can be fueled by intensity when others lack information and awareness that then inadvertently block the path to rescue, or deters help from being delivered in the first place. As such, families like mine enter repeating cycles of what amounts to bait and switch, each time a service or program fails or disqualifies us based on those very same set of challenges we are seeking help for.

It’s important to develop strategies for navigating and interacting with cultures that create unintended negative environments. Too frequently the manner in which corporate medicine, community agencies, and mental health providers offer and deliver services, fail to acknowledge or recognize behaviors that work in opposition to what is actually useful and needed. This can result in the lack of support to heal our demographic of homes. Too many times those disconnects result in our voices being muted altogether.

An example is if you have been a victim of a home invasion, allowing strangers in to perform intensive in-home services to a family member can incapacitate and sabotage success. Especially if that provider does not put in place training and protocols that are directed to supporting that challenge. Being mindful is different than be active in supporting one household members needs to allow another to get the help they are there to provide.

Typically there is no intent to defraud a patient help or to cause harm. However, lacking accountability from neutral oversight, structured patient-client led feedback committees and overall agency education, some fall short of delivering their true desire and goal to help.

Learning how to help yourself, and your household in that environment secures more favorable outcomes, where you become the winner. You can develop personal practices that organically advocate your needs while also educating those around you. Providers can also learn how to see it from the other side and be open to unfamiliar ways to deliver services and emotional support.

I am a mother determined to advocate, educate and activate. When we possess the right information, we can make the right decisions, and that leads to better outcomes for all. Putting the pieces together can be terrifying. Angels of Our October stands in the gap to offer insight and guidance to break out of the constant trap we are often left behind in.

We look to partner with medical and mental health providers, community agencies, advocacy groups and individual families who want to be apart of finding ways to support and heal the home.

If you desire to support, have questions or a organization wanting to utilize awareness education, I can be contacted at info@AngelsofOurOctober.com


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